Learning to kitesurf / by Paulo Fierro

At the end of November last year we had our good friend Chris Ross come over and visit us. His visit had a caveat, he had to do the PADI e-Learning course online first so we could go diving while he was here.

On the flip side, we would learn how to kitesurf — I for one had no idea you could actually do that on the island... So we took a few lessons and kind of got there but not really. Turns out learning to dive is much, much, much easier.

In any case, I've now had five lessons and found that was enough to go out and try some riding on my own, slowly building up confidence and lets call it technique.

This first video is the drive to Barkers Beach, sped up 20x, shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black attached to the windshield with a suction-cup mount.

Next up is some shots taken while riding using CamRig's Universal Strut Mount and a standard board mount.

As its the "windy season" I look forward to getting better, and maybe even learning how to turn without stopping.