Google Chrome gets fatter and fatter / by Paulo Fierro

I ran DaisyDisk the other day to reclaim some lost disk space and found some oddities. One of these was Google Chrome using over 4GB in my Applications folder.

A browser really shouldn't require 4GB of space. So I emptied Chrome's cache, but that didn't affect the overall size at all.

I peeked inside (right-clicking on Chrome and selecting Show Package Contents) and in Contents/Versions I found this:

So many Chromes!

Chrome was storing a backup of itself, presumably every time it did an auto-update. As far as I see tell there is no way to delete these backups from within Chrome or turning off this behaviour.

Deleting all of them but not the newest one didn't seem to make a difference — Chrome works fine and I got some disk space back.

Of course if this crashes your Mac and it bursts into flames that's on you :-)