/ by Paulo Fierro

When Niqui and I moved over to Grand Cayman last summer we realised that one of the things that we had been completely spoiled with while living in Brighton was the great tech-community and the amazing people that live and work there — some of which we are lucky enough to call friends.


Soon after moving over, Garth Humphreys invited me to a couple Facebook groups which allowed me to (virtually) meet other people in our industry living on our tiny island. Recently we'd been chatting with some friends at BB&P, a local agency, who were also looking to get the local community together and they kindly invited us to use their space.

So earlier this month we had our first get together so we could meet in meatspace. Our first meetup was a great success and everyone that turned up was keen for more of them.

And so we have — a meetup for designers & developers living in the Cayman Islands. Our next one is next Wednesday, April 3 and you're more than welcome to come join us.

Earlier today Ingrid Riley wrote a lovely piece on our group over on Silicon Caribe.